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So I talked to the lovely credit lady (yay credit lady!) and it looks like there have been no new accounts added to my name. And then she had the nice other credit lady join in to put an alert on my info, so that any new accounts in my name for the next 7 years need to call and verify it with me first. Which is a pain, but in this case, yay!

So I can breathe somewhat easy again. I still get to deal with the affadavit, hope the investigation goes well, and go file a police report once I get their affadavit and my next statement, which is a huge pain, but hey. At this point I'm not inclined to complain, since a huge weight's been lifted. I was envisioning tens of thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges wracked up under my name, which dude. Gah.

And now I just need to see if Mass Effect is going to ship for me, and all will be peachy fuzzy with my world. Right now it's still marked as processing, which I'd think if it's gonna ship it'd have done it by now, but it's also still marked as arriving between tomorrow and the next day so... we'll see.
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