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Okay, I apparently need a steaming fucking mad icon, which I don't yet have. A nice one with a weapon to stabbity the fuckers is apparently about all I can do...

So, guess who gets to deal with IDENTITY THEFT! Go on, guess!

Yeah, so... khaman posted a bit ago about some places breaking street date on Mass Effect for the 360, so I was trying to snap one up real quick on the online places that have it (Wal-Mart, Toys R Us off the top of my head... check her post for more info, or a link to more info, if you're interested in that).

So trying, I get the message that hey, either my billing address or expiration date aren't matching the card number, so that can't go through. "Wow, stupid store, they're obviously having computer problems" thinks I. So, annoyed, I go over to, and try to purchase it there. And get the same message.

So this, obviously, sets off some warning bells in the back of my mind, and I haul my ass over to the phone to call my card's service center, and find out WTF is going on. So... "WTF is going on?" asks I. "Oh, we have a *completely* different address on file than what you're telling us," says they. "Oh snap," says I. "Please hold while we switch you over to our fraud department," says they.

So while I'm on hold, I log into my account online, to check charges. Address is completely fucked up... for some place in Palm Court California (I wish I'd had the presence of mind to jot it down, just for my own info, before it got changed back, blah.) My statement looks okay... and then I check unbilled activity. And lo and behold, there's a charge for over 500 FUCKING DOLLARS to some place called, which is apparently some goodamn shoe store, and where I have never shopped in my life, yet according to this I shopped at two damn days ago. So yeah, problems.

So after talking to the nice fraud guy and going through my various charges, I'm now going to get a nice affadavit in the mail with a list of charges, and I get to claim fraud on whichever ones are, y'know, fraudulent. Then they investigate, and if they deem it to be fraud (which if they don't, there is gonna be all hell to pay), then I'm not liable for any of the fraudulent charges. Which looks like this one, and there was one in preapproval from, which... no, just no. I'm assuming I won't be liable for that one anyhow, since the charge hadn't even gone through and the account got shut down.

So anyhow yeah, now my credit card is closed down, and because of the type of fraud it was (where it's possible they swiped my identity overall or something), I won't be getting the new card until after the investigation, which will probably be a month or so. And on Monday I get to call their city identity theft solutions center, to make sure they didn't open any OTHER accounts under my name or whatever. (They tried to transfer me over today, but had forgotten that it's closed on weekends). Apparently the address just got changed on the first, so I'm *hoping* they haven't had time to do much damage. Hoping.

Wish me luck guys, k?
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