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Dude, your daughter will HATE YOU.

So I was looking through amazon.com and some fantasy/supernatural books just now, and I ran across this thread from their message board thingy.




I'm not sure which is worse, someone asking this question on this particular venue, or some of the replies. Can anyone REALLY suggest inflicting the name "Galadriel" on an unborn child with a straight face?



Oct. 27th, 2007 06:52 am (UTC)
From To Dye For by Mercedes Lackey:

The boys had kept their dear little mouths shut, when he explained the economics of the situation in terms of toys, treats, and new clothing. An additional bribe—the promise of never telling anyone what their real names were, and signing them into the Grantville school system as "Frank," "Ronald," and "Gerry," made sure they wouldn't tell, wouldn't bring samples out to their friends, and wouldn't allow the friends in the greenhouse, ever. After all, as Tom knew only too well, peer-pressure among the male of the species is a dreadful thing, and a name can become a deadly weapon. "Gwaihir" was too funny for words, "Elrond" had any number of nasty permutations, and as for "Faramir"—well. Any idiot could quickly figure out just what sort of nickname would come out of "Faramir" in the mouths of a pack of boys.