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Bitty bit of Beauty and the Geek

I wasn't sure if I'd watch this week or not, so I sorta split the difference. I ended up forgetting about the first half, and catching the second. Partly because I'd be watching Reaper, anyhow, so... might as well. (Although I did want to see their reactions to Will and Rebecca being gone, and how Sam coped with it all as well.)

Don't really have much to say, partly because I only caught half, and partly because just about every even minor reason I might have had to care about the show has already been booted off in the first few weeks, leaving the Bland and the Blander behind. Except for maybe Nicole.

But I did want to say: oh my GODS Josh how much of an idiot can you be? Yeah, they talked about how the people they voted off were both strong competitors and all, which sounds good (even if pretty much everyone's gonna take it with a grain of salt)... and then idiot-boy goes and opens his mouth and starts about "oh, and we almost voted these people off, too!" Ohmigods, why would you do that?! The whole idea of voting someone off is to basically make yourself as unmemorable in it as possible and hope you don't piss the people off if they come back, so why shoot yourself in the foot even more?

Anyhow, I totally figured Shay was going to win the teaching challenge, since bringing the kids physically into it, and making them really remember what they're learning is going to score BIG points with most educators worth their salt. Despite Sam being all "hah, I'm sure I have this in the bag" and all. Hah.

And... I think that's all I really have to say about this week. Oh yeah, other than that the questions were a bit evilly tricky this week. I screwed some of them up myself. Doh!


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