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Not too much to comment on this time, partly because I was unfortunately distracted due to timing some other things badly, and partly because I'm brainfried tonight. And partly because... yow.

But Nicole? Totally evil. I mean that in a flattering way, except for of course the fact that she totally screwed over Will. That was just... DEVIOUS though. And Sam fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Ouch. I just hope though that at least Rebecca feels better about things now, knowing that Sam didn't intentionally screw her over - he was just dumb.

It's also gotta be harsh getting eliminated when both team members are sooo close to winning immunity. Argh. Especially when it's Sam, an ally, that ends up beating Rebecca out of it. Ouch.

Also: probably not the best idea to go talk to Erin after she wins the immunity. (I know, easy to be the armchair quarterback or whatever out on this side of things, after the fact... but I just can't think of any way that would have made a good impression.) Although it is hard to tell how much of the sending-to-elimination was Erin being a vengeful bitch, and how much was just the fact that Will had won two out of three challenges already, and come within a hair of winning the third, and Rebecca had also won one and come close on the last one.

Now though, I don't know if I'll continue to watch the show or not. I do admit I'm kinda curious how things will go for Sam and Nicole now, especially in the aftermath of Rebecca being gone and no longer... er.. distracting Sam, but really the main people I like and would have watched for even aside from Will are gone so... meh.

Anyhow, that's all I can think of at the moment, other than hoping that things turned out okay for Rebecca, since she seemed really upset (well, duh). Although me being the harsh logical person I am, I have to also figure she did bring a lot of it on herself. (I know, harsh, and I still like her from what I've seen, but... I can understand why things worked out as they did.)

So... feel free to comment, as always.

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