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Beauty and the Geek: Week 3

Dunno if I'll do one of these each week, but I had a few things to say that I'm trying to not forget so...

First off, man oh man Will, think y'all could be bigger targets? It's a tough call... give up immunity and be vulnerable, or become more of a target for when you DO lose it. But I think I might've had to ask Rebecca to at least consider trying to take a subtle dive in her challenge - it would've sucked for her not to get the pride of winning something she obviously could, but at the same time a) it'd give you a chance of having a returning team NOT personally annoyed at you for sending them to elimination, and b) it might at least give you a chance of not seeming like The Strong Team To Beat.

Of course, it's a hell of a lot easier to play armchair tactician after the fact, so... take the comments with a grain of salt. ;)

And man, yay, now I have someone ELSE to dislike. Erin and her little fake "oh sob sob I'm so sad, I should obviously WIN and be LOVED by everyone, so I'll throw a huge TANTRUM because obviously Will SUCKS and is out to GET US sob sob" routine. I was hoping she and Jesse would lose elimination - partly because after that, I really don't want to see more Erin, and partly because I figured Hollie's resentment would be easier to deal with - less likely to spread to others, and there's more of a possibility of it getting worked out, since it was from a feeling of being betrayed. But no, damnit.

Anyhow, on a total other topic, Nicole REALLY isn't good with the whole interpersonal thing, isn't she? I mean, I obviously have nothing against geek girls, as I AM one, and am proud. But YEESH, try to relax a little bit. (And this is coming from *me*, Miss "if I don't have a neurosis, it may not exist."

As for the whole Sam/Rebecca thing... man, double-edged sword. At least Sam and Nicole probably wouldn't want to boot Will and Rebecca (well, Nicole probably would, but Sam wouldn't), but if Sam's going to be a target, that might put Rebecca more in the limelight for that as well. Plus... it makes us see more Sam, damnit.

As for the challenges themselves... okay, informal poll, arising from a discussion at the time:

Perfumed bath soaps:

1) Great gift basket idea!
2) Uh, no. Hell no. Just NO.
3) Not really caring one way or another.
4) It depends.

Feel free to comment, of course. And comment on the pie if you like. (I mean... a PIE!)

Oh, and THIS time they put the eeevil question in with the geeks. Ugh. Leather? Who the hell knows that leather is the ninth anniversary? Bwah.

I feel like I'm forgetting something I wanted to comment on but... oh well. Can always edit it in, or comment on someone else's. :p

And now.. time for Reaper! Yay!
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