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No! Don't take my anime!

DAMNIT! Apparently Geneon is going to be shutting down, or no longer producing anime, or something along those lines. See, for example, here for a quick blurb on it (assuming you click the link not too very long after I post it - a month from now or whatever I'm sure the news will have gone off the front page. :p )

This is not good. Damnit, they put out Kyo Kara Maoh, which is the current series that I'm most into and the only one that I'm picking up as it comes out, pre-ordering each one from Amazon. Damnit damnit! So now I can only hope that the license will be picked up by another (good) company to finish it up... ARGH!

This also sucks because they put out various things that I've been meaning at some point to finish picking up (like Saiyuki Reload and such), but now it's going to make it harder probably to complete my collections further down the road when I get to it. Grarh! *gnash teeth*
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