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Damnit, Will!

Noooo! You do not vote off cute bowtie guy. I wanted to take him and cuddle him by the end of the show. *sniff*

(Yeah, I know, someone on the show has to go from a totally different angle than those of us just watching at home, but... *sniff*)

But... way to go on the rap challenge! That had to be intimidating, and a hell of an experience.

And also: liking Dave a bit more now, although he still occasionally reminds me a bit too much of all the types of RPers I hated having to deal with in years past. Part of the liking him more is his sense of humor, and partly is probably because I now have someone else to completely and totally LOATHE.


I know all you guys want the geek girl to stick around, and I like her myself, but I would be more than happy to give her the boot if it could mean getting rid of that pompous Charlie Sheen wannabe, who ain't even all that OR the bag of chips in the looks department to start with. I thought, y'know, beauties were supposed to be exceptionally attractive? Not just... "meh"?

And one of the best parts of the show - the expression on the geek girl's face when she realized that someone wanted to actually, y'know, see her booty.

One of the most teeth grindingly PAINFUL parts of the show - the debate. Oh. My. Gods. I now have my feet pulled up cross-legged and in my lap because I think The Stupid just pooled out of the TV and onto the floor, and may infect me.

The most absolutely fucking unfair part of the show - the questions at the end. One girl gets the question of how many stars there were on the flag like 20 whole years ago (AND gets it horribly blindingly wrong), and a multiple choice question that was easy even without the multiple choice part. The other girl gets, admittedly, an easy question but in three parts, and gets two parts right and one part close but wrong, then misses the other question that *I* would have probably gotten wrong as well. C'mon, I realize that they're picking random questions which adds some matter of chance, but at least have SOME similarity in difficulty of questions, here!

Anyhow, that's all I have to say here, will probably do more chatter on the comments portions of other posts.

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