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Uggh. I am sooo tired. I figured I might as well update, since I haven't in ages - whatever Plague hit me, hit me severely hard. I've been completely and utterly dead to the world - fell behind on *everything*. Including updating this at all. Of course, one side effect of all this is that my sleep cycle has also become completely screwed up - illness was keeping me awake til 5-6am in the thick of the Plague, and once I could shake the worst of the illness, I still haven't yet managed to wrangle my sleep cycle back into some semblance of sanity. And that last lingering bit of Plague is still lingering...

And now, to really add the kicker, we had some guys fixing our roof today (after putting it off for a damn month), who, after not doing it for so long, just had to start at 7:30 AM. Well, that was the plan - I managed to sleep in to around 7:45 before they started pounding and banging. After finally getting to sleep around 6 or slightly after. Yeah, I'm real damn awake. Thanks so much. Especially when I'm really hustling to try to catch up on work. Great.

Sometimes I hate people.

On brighter news though... I'm drooling! I finally saw the trailer today. No, not THAT trailer... this is gaming geek goodness, not lit/fantasy geek goodness. Well, fantasy geek goodness, but of a... Final sort. Of course, the site for the trailer is usually overloaded from what I can see...

But the point is... I WANT. Now. Pleaaase. *drool*

Now if I could figure out how to save the trailer to my harddrive...

And now, I just need to figure out what the hell is ailing my ICQ. I haven't been able to connect for the past two days now, suddenly. Urgh. Too out of it for this crap.
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