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More Memeage...

But this time, *I'm* gonna start one!

Or... I may just end up posting and having it echo into the void, but hey, might as well try, right?

Anyhow, I realized that there are memes for movies, music, and books all over the place, but I can't think of any (at least of the long informative type) for video games. So... let's remedy that, shall we? Same Q&A style as the movie meme I just did, and some inspiration from that, but... some difference, obviously. And I'll play nice and even answer the questions for myself, too.

(Edit: Grr, I wasn't going to cut my own attempt at a meme, but I realized it's just rude to have something too long uncut like that so...)

1. What's the first video game and system that you ever owned?

The first system I owned was actually the Atari 2600, and I don't remember the first game. Possibly Ms. Pac Man. Maybe Combat.

2. What's your most-used system at the moment?

Probably either the PS2 or the Nintendo DS.

3. Name your favorite game of all time.

Star Ocean: The Second Story, for the original Playstation.

4. And your favorite game series.

Probably Suikoden. But there are so many good ones... Final Fantasy, the Star Ocean games which pretty much count as a series by now... Shin Megami Tensei...

5. What is your preferred genre of games?

RPGs, of course, although I like a lot of other types as well. Some Adventure games, Sim games and Tactic/Strategy types...

6. Oldest-school game that you still play and enjoy, if any?

Nethack, of course.

7. Which game have you played that you ended up disliking the most?

I'm asking this because it's a fairly obvious question and helps balance the others but... I'm not really sure about the answer for myself honestly. Granstream Saga comes to mind, but it's been so damn long since I played it that I don't even remember vividly how bad it was (or even wasn't).

8. Which game that you played was probably the biggest disappointment? Not necessarily that you hated, but that you thought would be all that AND the bag of chips, and... wasn't.

I actually thought of this question originally because of my own experiences with Thousand Arms, which was a) just a poor game, and b) a huge disappointment because it sounded like it was going to be amazing, but was terrible. But when I was just about to type it out, I realized that Fable is now a huge contender for the crown, after the huge hype-fest that went on for it, and I ended up buying an X-Box mostly for that game. Meh.

9. What is your least favorite genre?

Probably sports games, honestly.

10. Do you play any multiplayer games? Which ones are the main ones?

I do, although I haven't lately. The two biggest ones are probably Final Fantasy XI (though I haven't been on in way way waaay too long), and World of Warcraft.

11. Have a favorite game character?

Why, I'm so glad I asked that! Actually, it's not any of the ones that would probably seem obvious. My favorite video game character evah is Dias Flac, From Star Ocean: The Second Story.

12. The best game based off of other media? (Books, movies, anime, etc.)

I asked this question because it sounded like a fun and obvious question to ask... but I can't think of any for myself. ^^;; Most movie tie-ins tend to be atrocious, and I usually avoid them out of repeated disappointment, honestly. Hell, the best one I can think of offhand is the Vampire Hunter D game, and that was... pretty bad. Although I do really want to find a copy of the Discworld game for... PSX, I think? and give it a whirl. Oh, and you could maybe count Pokemon, but I can't remember which game first, the anime series or the game...

13. Best other media (book, movie, whatever) based on a video game?

Final Fantasy: Advent Children would probably be the obvious choice here, although I'm also real partial to the Star Ocean EX anime series.

14. You know you have one... name your own personal crusade. (ie: a game that it seems everyone hates, but you love and defend to the death.)

I have a couple actually... Legend of Mana for one, and the original Saga Frontier for another. Both tend to gather scorn around their little heads (if they had heads), but I adored both.

15. Most disappointing sequel to a game?

Probably FFX-2, if we're counting that as the only "true sequel" in the Final Fantasy series. Saga Frontier 2 was pretty bad too, while we're on the topic.

16. Least disappointing sequel?

Probably Suikoden 2, which took all that was great about Suikoden, made it longer, made most of the gameplay systems better, and added better and more varied mini-games (and probably just THE best mini-game from a game, ever.)

17. Game that was the biggest pleasant surprise.

Probably Atelier Iris. I hadn't heard much about it at all, then I heard... something about it that made me give it a try, I forget what. And it is now one of my favorite games, with two follow-ups that I also enjoyed the hell out of.

18. Game you always like to revisit. (Playing once is never enough... this is your "comfort food" of games that you like to go back to time and again.)

I have a few of these actually. Metropolismania for PS2 is one (and a bit weird, since it's a very niche, bargain title that few have heard of). Tropico and Tropico 2 are others. I go back and replay one of these three probably every couple months, at least. And it's not like I don't, y'know, have enough other games to catch up on.

Alright, 18 questions should do for this. Plus I should really be getting to bed. Like, an hour ago. Now have at it! (Or.. not)
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