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In a Nutshell: BPAL: Dana O'Shee, Whip

And since I'm restless anyhow after finishing Harry Potter:

Dana O'Shee - [snipping some flavor text] Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains were made to placate these creatures, and it is that the basis of the scent created in their name.

In the bottle, this smells like, er, just what it says. Milk, honey, and some sort of grain. On the skin... er, pretty much the same honestly, both drying down and actually dried, although in slightly different balances. The grain seemed to come out more the drier it got.

And what I said about food scents? Yeah. I slathered this stuff on (relatively) to start with, anticipating a possible problem (as opposed to the usual "a little dab'll do ya" application used with BPAL), and still after five minutes I was practically hyperventillating with my wrist in my nose, to try to catch the scent. So basically, while the scent is pleasant enough, I don't even have to decide if it's nice enough that I'd want a bottle, since it'd be a waste because I'd barely smell it, anyhow. Grumble. Stupid body chemistry.

Whip - Agony and ecstacy: black leather and damp red rose.

In the bottle, this smells like dark rose. If that makes sense. On wet, the same, but pretty strong. Drying down, it still smelled of roses, but whether it was the leather coming out or just some odd effect of my body chemistry, it took on a bit of a "cheap tacky perfume" smell as well as it dried, which wasn't pleasant. And did I mention it was a bit too strong? So while in general I enjoy the scent of roses, this wasn't really a hit with me.
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