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In a Nutshell: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So. Wow, and... holy fuck.

Okay, for the non-spoily portion, I will say that this is an intense, and dark, book. I can imagine it'll disturb a lot of kids, but what do I know?

As for whether I like it or not? That's hard to say. I'm definitely glad I read it, and totally devoured it hungrily like Slughorn on a bag of candied pineapple after a week-long hunger strike, but at the same time I predict it's going to be hard as hell to read through again, because... well. I'll cover more in the spoiler section I guess. But it's... intense.

Okay, enough for the attempts at non-spoily stuff...

Spoilers! Be warned!

And... I now cast a silencing charm to defend myself against the agonized and angry screams from auronsgirl among others, after seeing some of the body count... well, if I weren't so busy being pissed myself!

Rowling Rowling Rowling, what'd you do to us? On the one hand, at least we didn't get a "everyone lives happily ever after and there was no real threat" ending, but at the same time, holy CRAP. Lupin dead. Snape dead. Even freaking Hedwig, dead. And Fred, dead! And Tonks! Did I mention, Lupin and Snape, dead? Oh, and Dobby, but for a lot of readers I guess that's pretty much like killing Jar-Jar. (Although the way the death was handled affected me...)

There was some stuff handled well, and stuff handled badly. I liked seeing more of the wizarding world, seeing Harry and Ron and Hermione all coming into their own, along with some of the other side characters. It was good to see that Snape was on the side of good after all, even though by the time that was revealed, I'd pretty much given up hope of it. We didn't get some of the more minor characters forgotten, and got to see what went on with them, and the final showdown being at Hogwarts was surprisingly satisfying. (Even if Ron getting into the chamber by hissing how he heard Harry his was weak).

And damn, how cool was Neville, when it came down to it? I also liked seeing how things turned out ninteen years later, though I don't always like that sort of thing in stories, because it did let us know how things turned out when there wasn't really much space left to do it in, and it felt satisfactorily like coming full circle, in this particular case.

At the same time... it all feels less worth it somehow, when my very favorite characters in the series have all bought it. Lupin, Sirius, and yes, even Snape. Although at least Bill is still alive, but we still don't see as much of him as I'd like. And I know a lot of people are gnashing their teeth over the actual veracity of the "Harry is a horcrux" theory, even if it turned out differently than expected in the end (myself included, to some extent). And frankly I always get really turned off by the happy hand-wavey "and they're all dead, but I get to see their ghosts and they're all happy and it's okay then!" bit, like happened in this book with the resurrection stone. And it was nice that Percy got reunited with his family, but it seemed slightly heavy-handed to me, somehow, in its treatment. Like she realized "oh, this hasn't been resolved yet, so let's stick him in there and have everything be resolved!" or something.

Oh and... HOW BLOODY STUPID would Harry have to be to actually say Voldemort's name when they're on the run, only being kept safe by their protective spells, after being explicitly TOLD that his name was, more or less, jinxed and would strip away all protection! Gah, you stupid git! He was mostly better in this book in many ways, less emo, but some things (like that) still made me deeply want to slap the living hell out of him.

And I do wonder, despite myself, what ended up happening to Winky. And how Neville ended up with the sword, again. And if Teddy ended up showing werewolf signs, and same with Bill (other than liking rawer meat). And I'm assuming that the "Victoire" that he's snogging is Bill and Fleur's kid, but we don't know for sure. And I wish we knew just what Harry did now and... bah. Who am I kidding? I want more loose ends neatly tied, damnit!

But even more than that, I'm wondering how many kids threw the book down in horror less than 100 pages in, when Hedwig's killed without even any preamble or ceremony? And how many who didn't, make it through to the end? Dark. Damn. Book.

Edit: Forgot to mention that one of the other things I found very dark was, dude, not only are people dying right and left, but before the end Harry's flinging off Unforgivable Curses himself without even a second thought? Dude! And while we're at it, do we know how the hell Snape found out about the date of the plan to move Harry in the first damn place?

Later edit: Oh yeah, and I would add that I WOULD have liked to have found out just what people ended up doing, career-wise. Or at least Harry - I mean, for the past few books we've been having him building up to being an Auror, then having that hope dashed pretty much when he decided to drop out of Hogwarts, and personally I was hoping maybe he'd become a teacher as he seemed so good at the DA lessons, but that apparently isn't the case as he sees the kidlets off...

I think that's all I got for now. I might have more to say in comments here and in other journals, but my brain's still a bit fried from reading for about 9 hours straight.

Oh yeah, and I assume no responsibility for spoilers in the comments, so be forewarned!

(Slightly edited spoiler section to add more thoughts)

(And again.)
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