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So. I figure probably around 12 hours from now, I'll have my shiny new book on my non-shiny old porch, waiting for me. I'll probably still be asleep and won't be reading it yet, but... soooon. *drools*

(That's assuming it gets here without any hitches from Amazon, which if that isn't the case, I will NOT be pleased, since for some reason Amazon isn't giving me a tracking # for the shipment. Hrm.)

As I'm going back through some of the old books though (I skipped ahead to Half-Blood Prince in my re-reads, but I doubt I'll even finish that before P-Day, since I still have over half to go), I'm realizing that I'll probably never get what I really want out of the books: namely, a look at more normal wizarding life. I'm realizing that what I'm enjoying most out of the books are the non-school interactions with the adult characters, the looks at the wizarding life in the Burrow and Diagon Alley and so forth. Now, we might get some of that tomorrow if Harry is indeed out of Hogwarts and hunting around, but I also doubt we'll be seeing much normality, you know?

Ah well. At least tomorrow, we get to find out how it ends.

If anyone's curious, I probably won't be looking at the internet all tomorrow or even later, until I finish with the book. I don't trust people...

See y'all on the flip side! (Although I may have another post or two tonight, before going to bed...)
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