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Why don't I learn from the past, again...?

So this weekend was our city's "Heritage Days" festival, which is basically a street festival they hold in early June each year where a bunch of people pay to set up stands selling foods, artsy/craftsy things, and other wares, they have some forms of entertainment, and they try to dress it all up as a historical thang. And a bunch of other silly fools people then wander up and down looking at said stands, buying way-the-fuck overpriced food, and getting worn the hell out on the steep hills they put part of it on, in the too-hot weather, for... um... why, again?

Seriously, it used to be fun. But that time is past for me. It might be more fun if I were still a kid, since they did have some of the things I used to love, like pony rides and a mini-petting zoo, and I also used to enjoy walking the place with my mother (back when my mother could still walk), but a) the joy is going out of it as I've gotten older and am going solo now, and b) the festival itself is going downhill, as there are noticeably less stands each time (and some of my favorites, such as places that sold nice flowers/herbs/etc have been some of the casualties). And the merchandise is less and less fun and interesting and more and more bland and just not worth it, for the most part.

It sucked last year, and I barely purchased anything, and I told myself then I might not bother this year. Then this year rolls around, and I wasn't going to go... but then I thought "self, maybe you're just magnifying the remembrance of how much it sucked so that you can justify continue being all hermit-ish and shit, and besides, maybe you'll run into someone you know." Part of this was because I actually had a dream last night about a guy I used to almost have a crush on except he had a girlfriend know back in middle and high school, and I think part of me thought maybe that was a sign I'd run into him there or something. I know, I know, silliness.

So anyhow, long story short (too late) I drag my ass there, and... BORING. Even less worthwhile stands, the food's even more overpriced than it used to be, and I didn't run into one damn person I knew. SUCKAGE. Sometimes I need to give my memories the benefit of the doubt.

Oh yes, and desdenova... I forgot to mention I had a dream the night before last and you were in it. I don't remember what all else was going on, but I do remember that you were all excited toward the end of it, because you were getting married to a Prince of Mexico. And you were thrilled because, well, a) you were getting married, but mostly because b) you were going to be a princess.

I just found this especially amusing after reading of your disdain just today for the Disney princesses in KH2. ;) But then my mind is odd.
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