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Different Stuff

For one thing, I'm practicing my mad LJ cut l33t skills, d00dz. Or something.

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Baa baby, baa.

Which X2 Character Are You?

That's... odd.

Bleh. So I spent yesterday changing my guppy tank (I lost one of the females the other day again, but I think generally the problems are getting under control. I hope.) And the pond is pretty much too cold to feed the fish in now, and I really really must finish getting the rest of the hyacinths and such out of their before they all decompose and screw up the water. For their part, the cold little fishies are mostly just chilling out (heh) down toward the bottom of the pond, preparing for their "hibernation" or whatever you want to call it.

I also spent a good part of yesterday hauling *all* of the ornaments/hidey places/whatever out of my saltwater tank, bleaching them out (well, most of them - I've still got the two largest ones to clean), cleaning them off with regular water to get the bleach off, then putting them back into the tank. Why? Because I've got so much damn algae! Argh! But at least it's gone from the accessories in there now. And I suctioned up a lot of it as well while doing a large partial water change, after which I disassembled my filter/protein skimmer to let me unclog it (damn algae!) and get everything running smoothly again. I'm slowly slowly starting to get rid of the green gunk... I think....

Maybe one of these days I'll have the tank ready to start taking more fish in there again.

Okay, so I'm now like into this Kings of Chaos thing. Cool game. Get to conquer and pillage and loot. Yay!

I've got a nice little elven army barely starting up, under the name Stormfeather. And I've broken the 100K ratings barrier. For now anyhow. Woot!

One problem being, of course, that I don't have a big enough army yet. :( But if my friends make with the clicking on my special link:
I get another soldier in my army. Sweet! :) Basically each location can only click to give a soldier once every 24 hours. You don't need to give email or anything, unless you decide to actually sign up to play the game yourself. Naturally. So if you click, you make Stormfeather a happy lass!

Looks like that's pretty much a wrap for the updates of my current life. Except that I need to work more on my new project. Oh, and I'm still struggling to finish up the last reviews to get my comics review out onto Usenet a day late (hey, I had to catch up, plus this was a huge week in and of itself). But in general I'm getting some stuff done. Wish me luck!
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