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Spring Has Re-Sprung!

Now let's just see how long it stays this way, shall we?

In celebration of spring (well, okay, no, it was because the game was released today) I went up to the mall and picked up Pokemon Diamond, of which I've played a little now, enough to make me feel nostalgic for when the game/series/cartoon/empire was new, and we were young(er), and... well, you know.

Also stopped by Porters Pets & Ponds, only to find that they haven't yet got a shipment of pond plants in, and don't have many/hardly any pond-suitable fish in, so that was pretty much a waste. (Although I do want to pick up some new guppies sometime soonish, now that I think about it...) They should have more on Thursday, either this one or next one (she forgets), so I'll have to call and check in in a few days.

Stopped by the drug store to pick up a few grocery-type items (cause they carry them and it's less of a pain than going to an actual market and through the checkout), and then the corner fruit/plant market just a block down from here to find that they did actually have some purple/blue pansies, which I'd hunted for last year a bit late in the season and couldn't find *anywhere*, so I scooped up 4 small trays of 4, for a total of 16 of the small plants, which will spread now that they're planted around my birdhouse. Now I just badly need a new birdhouse, since this one's falling apart. *le sigh*...

So far I've only seen one fish in the pond, which displeases me greatly. I'm hoping the rest are just still semi-hibernating because it got so much colder again for a while, and it takes longer for the water to warm up, especially in the deeper parts. On the brighter side, there are still a bunch of tadpoles from last fall in the water, with their bodies probably around 3/4 of an inch long now (without the tails), so they should be starting to develop their legs before too extremely long. I think at least two of the adult frogs are once more awake and hanging around the pond as well, although they haven't started their constant chatter that indicates the getting-it-on season, yet. So at least there's some life out and about, other than the solitary fish.

I also badly need to finish hacking the weeds out of my flower and herb gardens, before it's really time to plant New Stuff. (It doesn't help when a ton of my mint, including a bunch of catnip, has decided to migrate AGAIN... gah, I'm starting to loathe everything in the mint family. That, and thistles. Diedieidiediediediedie evil stickerbushes!)

Blah, tired. *flomp*
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