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Meme Answers

For anyone interested, here's the answers, and who got what:

1. Poignant / Harmful Humans / Utopia Quest - Watership Down, guessed by pokeypenguin
2. House Cleaner / Low Self Esteem / Alsace Lorraine - Howl's Moving Castle, guessed by no one
3. Father Daughter Relationship / Snobbery / Elopement - Pride and Prejudice, guessed by dominicflandry
4. Wish Fulfillment / Escher Stairway / Urination Scene - Labyrinth, guessed by hamusutaa, although pokeypenguin was probably also typing around the same time.
5. Babysitter / Thor / Chicago Illinois - Adventures in Babysitting, guessed by prince_corwin
6. Bull / Harpy / Skeleton - The Last Unicorn, guessed by takhisis
7. Kicked in the Crotch / Melting Man / Magnetism - X-Men, guessed by pokeypenguin
8. Play Within Film / Nose Bleed / Lingerie - Noises Off, guessed by theweaselking
9. Aristocrat / Nude Woman Murdered / Child Killing Child - Interview With the Vampire, guessed by no one. (Granted it was probably a bit obscure from these clues, but others like "child vampire" and all were on the other hand a bit too blatant...)
10. Crossbow / Parasite / Katana Sword - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, guessed by no one

Ah well, 7/10 ain't bad, right?
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