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Last Gasp Meme

Since not everything was guessed before, and since today seems to be the popular day to do these, I'm reposting my list with what was guessed, and what is still unanswered:

Rules, etc., are in the previous entry. I'm too lazy to type it out again. :p

1. Poignant / Harmful Humans / Utopia Quest - Watership Down, pokeypenguin
2. House Cleaner / Low Self Esteem / Alsace Lorraine
3. Father Daughter Relationship / Snobbery / Elopement - Pride and Prejudice, dominicflandry
4. Wish Fulfillment / Escher Stairway / Urination Scene - Labyrinth, hamusutaa, although pokeypenguin was probably also typing around the same time.
5. Babysitter / Thor / Chicago Illinois - Adventures in Babysitting, prince_corwin
6. Bull / Harpy / Skeleton - The Last Unicorn, takhisis
7. Kicked in the Crotch / Melting Man / Magnetism - X-Men, pokeypenguin
8. Play Within Film / Nose Bleed / Lingerie - Noises Off, theweaselking
9. Aristocrat / Nude Woman Murdered / Child Killing Child
10. Crossbow / Parasite / Katana Sword



Apr. 19th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
6. The Adventures of Sinbad
8. Noises Off
Apr. 19th, 2007 06:43 pm (UTC)
6. No. This surprises me, I thought those particular clues would be pretty much fitting for only one movie, but this is the second wrong guess that fits at least the general stype of the clues.
8. Yes!