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Meme time!

Since I liked this one a lot, and I think we all need something a little lighter now, anyhow...

Swiped from temporaltokaki

The idea behind this is to go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies. (I don't really have a list of favorite movies - not a huge movie person in general - so I just picked 10 I thought of offhand that I really like.) Look at the Plot Keywords for the movie, and pick three of them. Then others (that'd be y'all) try to figure out the movies from those particular keywords.

Ready? Good luck, because some of these are... out there, even though on some at least I tried to play fair and pick, if not the ones that would *immediately* give it away, some that would really help. On some of them, not all. And now I'm hoping that when it's all done, I'll remember what all I picked in the first place. ^^;; Oh, some are pretty recent, some are older and more obscure. It runs a bit of a gamut.

1. Poignant / Harmful Humans / Utopia Quest
2. House Cleaner / Low Self Esteem / Alsace Lorraine
3. Father Daughter Relationship / Snobbery / Elopement
4. Wish Fulfillment / Escher Stairway / Urination Scene
5. Babysitter / Thor / Chicago Illinois
6. Bull / Harpy / Skeleton
7. Kicked in the Crotch / Melting Man / Magnetism
8. Play Within Film / Nose Bleed / Lingerie
9. Aristocrat / Nude Woman Murdered / Child Killing Child
10. Crossbow / Parasite / Katana Sword

Okay, have at it! And as a hint... the above icon *points* isn't one of them, though I was considering. ;)
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