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Pics for the Curious

Alright, took some pics both last night and today, figured I'd post a few of them.

Well, the shots from last night turned out crap, given that it was a digital camcorder without a flash or anything, but here are a couple of the shots with lighting adjusted (badly and quickly) in photoshop, taken from our front porch:

The car still making out with our front porch, with one of the officers also standing on the porch looking down at it...

And the car as it's being towed away, or at least pulled away so they can get it on the bed of the truck.

And some assorted shots from today looking over the damage:

Okay, so our "no-nonsense solid concrete porch" didn't come away as unscathed as I originally thought, in the darkness. (Between this, the route he took to arrive here, and the fact that I found a piece of the fence *over fifty feet* up into the yard (using the ten-foot sections of fence to judge it), I hate to think how fast he was going, even though it *was* raining.

Our, uh, lovely front fence now, even after my father tried to do some quick restoration to see if he could get something set up to keep the dog from leaving the yard so that we don't have to keep her leashed up.

Another shot of the fence that shows just how close the crash site was to my mulberry tree.

A pic of our back gate, which *used* to be a twin to the front gate.

Our front gate, now.

And a quick shot of just where all he had to come through to get to our front yard, although granted it's not as easy to tell distances and such from this.

Hope that someone at least finds it all interesting. ;)
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