Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

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DAMNIT weather...

Will you PLEASE make up your fucking mind?

We've got plants ordered already from a nursery. I've been in the middle of cleaning out my pond over the last week or so, and had been looking forward to getting more of that done while I was on a roll. We just had our lawn nicely mowed and trimmed. Hell, just about maybe 4 days ago I was about this |--| close to putting in my air conditioner and starting it up in my room, because my room was so hot that my rotating fan just wasn't cutting it, and I was sweltering.

And now it's snowing. SNOWING. Gah! I mean yesterday was bad enough, suddenly it went from "ow it's hot" the day before to "brrr... freezing... ass... off..." and I could see some flurries falling here and there. But geez. Stop with the snow! Make with the heat, if you're gonna do it, but stop with this back and forth bullshit. I dunno if I should be planting stuff and putting in the air conditioners, or huddling up and freezing!
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