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Man, my sleep cycle's been screwed. Okay, it's been screwed for a while, with me staying waaaay up later than I'd like, and unable to sleep until, well, the sun was coming/already up. Which already sucked, and getting sick didn't help it. And then daylight savings hit, and... blah.

So after one especially sleepless night I decided to forcibly haul things back around, and go at it the other way - I was having no luck getting to sleep *earlier*, so I basically stayed up as long as I could before crashing out. I was aiming for just getting to sleep at a normal time and continuing to do so, but once you're in a sleep rut, that's not so easy to do.

What I did manage to do was, after a few days of waaaaay too damn little sleep, get my sleep cycle broken and it ended up settling back down to me getting to sleep in the late afternoon, and getting up around midnight. Which sounds screwed up (and it is I guess), but I much prefer it because it should be a hell of a lot easier now for me to stay up longer, over the next week or two, bit by bit, and get my sleep cycle back to something remotely normal that way. Plus I'm having more productive hours in the day right now, because pretty much going until I'm falling down dead, and then sleeping for however long and getting up fairly bright-eyed and bushy tailed (well, somewhat), rather than the usual song and dance of me going to bed and tossing and turning for three or four damn hours.

Although it is a bit weird that one of my problems for a looong time has been my insomnia, and now when I'm trying to stay awake a little bit longer bit by bit, I'm having trouble doing it. Hell, some of the afternoons I haven't even really been able to stay awake until the time I got to sleep the night before. Stupid sleep debt, I guess.

Also for them what likes 'em, here are a couple cool WoW videos that I don't think I've shared on here yet:

Code Monkey

(And I still say this guy sounds like Weird Al...)

Oh, and for those who care, Lost in Blue 2 for the DS is even bigger than the first game, with more to do, and it's sucked me in. ^^ I'm going back and forth between that and my every-few-years Suikoden series playthrough... I never did finish Suikoden V for some reason (which is really stupid because it's an awesome game and I was lovin' all over it...), so I've played the first game and am in the second now, and I'll go through the other two before re-starting V and this time hopefully finishing it. It'll probably be a while though, and I figure the playthrough will have to take back burner to a few other things here and there. But I will finish, eventually! Grr!
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