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Oh yeah, content!

Oh yeah, I said something about content, didn't I...?

Well, my life's been pretty boring, but I at least made it to the mall for the first time in, like, forever today. And of course I picked the day that the manager is throwing-up sick, and looked like death warmed over. So I basically kept my distance and made sure to wash my hands thoroughly after handling anything she handled... yes yes, germaphobe. I don't care, damnit. I felt bad for her though, she looked like she just wanted to curl up and die, rather than dealing with the phone, and bunches of customers, as she was having to do.

But at least I now have a) Phoenix Wrighty goodness (part two), which I've started playing. Yay, I get to swing around my giant pointy man-finger around some more while screaming "Objection"! *glee* I'm partway through the second episode, now. Looks like only four episodes this time rather than the five that were in the first game. I suppose that means there's probably no added-on chapter just for the DS like they did last time, which is a shame. (I've been avoiding too much in-depth detail since I knew I wanted the game anyhow, and that's the best way to avoid too much spoiliness.) But I miss my luminol and fingerprinting kit! Even if you didn't get to use them all that much... I also miss my favorite character, and am wondering what's going on with him, since there have been a couple tantalizing hints dropped so far...

Oh yeah, I also got World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. I'll get to that eventually. When I'm done playing with my man-finger. I'm a few days behind the curve anyhow, so a little longer shouldn't matter really at this point.

Also picked up a few more supplies for my poor guppy tank. My adult fish have mostly fallen to the stupid instability of the tank, but I do have a few babies that have managed to somehow survive, from two different hatchings it looks like, and one of the males, Demi, from the adults I bought. I'll wait to make sure the thing's stable now, and eventually add some more fishies. *sigh* I wonder if the tank is cursed... it shouldn't be having this many problems getting a decent nitrogen cycle going, damnit.

Oh yeah, I should mention my poor lil' doggie. Well, really she was more my mom's dog, so now she's sorta the family dog. Which I guess technically she was before, except that she didn't act it. Really, now she's mostly stuck up my father's behind, but whatever. Anyhow, point is, Thursday when we took her to get groomed she ended up passing a few stones, so to the vet she went. They did some X-rays and found a ton of stones in her bladder, some of them pretty large, so we left her there and they did surgery on Friday to take them out. She stayed up there over the weekend until Monday to keep her rested and let her start to recover, then we brought her home. She's had a few accidents in the house so far, but she's gotten a lot better, plus it's understandable considering she just had that equipment pretty well tinkered with... She's also seeming a lot perkier over all, which can be a bit of a pain when we're trying to keep her from running around too much. She goes back for a checkup next week.

Um, other than that... can't think of too much new. Oh yeah, I did get a new anime DVD, Black Cat, which looks like it might be interesting. Enough for me to pick up the second disc, at any rate. Plus they've started the second season of Kyo Kara Maoh, which makes me very happy. *purr*
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