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Braindeath. Whee!

And once again I've fallen down on my posting. This time it was because I got busy as *hell*, and we're talking evilly busy, and by the time I finished up I was lacking in sleep, lacking in food, and just plain lacking in any sort of energy or mental prowess. Hell, although I keep thinking "well, I'm getting back to normal! I can tackle more stuff now," I then keep realizing that no, in fact I still really just want to lie around and fight off the urge to nap.

It sucks because there's plenty of stuff that I should be doing, but am still trying to drum up the energy. One among those is starting on my next project. :/ I should also finish up getting my pond ready for winter, clean out my inside fish tanks, and do one last round of lawn care before winter sets in. *sigh* Oh yes, and there's also my comic reviews that I've let go for two weeks now, and I think I'm just going to catch up on them at their normal "time" this week. Because at this point it just seems silly to do one post, then turn around and do another post a couple days later.

I'm also a bit annoyed at the dog, although I guess she doesn't know any better - she's always chasing the birds when she goes outside, and this time she managed to catch one. I put it in a box when I got it away from her with some tissues in for bedding and tried to see if it might recouperate, but it was just too far gone and died a little later. *sigh* But what can you do?

Oh, one slightly brighter bit of news - when doing some of the pond winter-izing, I actually spotted a baby fish in the pond swimming around, about 1/2 inch in length. So apparently although the fish are really supposed to be spawning in spring, not fall, they didn't quite realize it themselves. I guess they wanted to celebrate getting a nice bigger pond to swim in... Now I just hope that the baby fish (whether there's just the one or even more) manage(s) to survive the winter. I've also got more baby guppies, but am still having tons of trouble with ammonia in the water that I'm having to deal with more or less on a daily basis just to keep all of those guys alive.

*sigh* Well, we'll see how it all turns out. Just someone... GIVE ME SOME ENERGY!
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