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Since I haven't seen it posted...

Short article here:

Newt Gingrich complains that muslim imams praying on a plane should have been arrested for impersonating terrorists.

And hereis a bit of a longer article where it came from originally.

Wonder if we could do as he seems to want and revoke part of the first amendment, just long enough to arrest him for spewing his creed? (No, I'm not really serious, but damn.)



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Dec. 21st, 2006 03:39 am (UTC)
One actually can make a perfectly reasonable argument analogising "shouting Allahu ackbar! on an airplane" to "shouting fire in a crowded theater", free-speech-wise.

Anyway, my real comment is that this short article, at least, seems to summarise the behaviour of said imams in such a manner as to obscure large segments of it. I think you'll find, if you chase down the sources in that respect, that this was not merely "praying on a plane" in any sense that the reasonable person would recognise as such and only such.

(In fact, to my jaundiced eye, it looked entirely like "behavior intended to provoke exactly such an incident", and said imams have the gullibility of the public to thank for not facing charges for whatever the formal name is of Deliberately Fucking With The Instrumentalities Of Public Safety. Obstruction, probably, under my former judicial system.)
Dec. 21st, 2006 10:10 am (UTC)
Perhaps - but I must respectfully disagree. I read this article, and actually it's not the originating one - there was one that this article doesn't link that was the originator here.

In it, you have people who "look Muslim" who get up to go talk to their friends. Who ask for "seatbelt extenders" when others thing "Hey, they're not fat enough". They have "someone" on the flight who swears they're praising bin Laden and Saddam.

And, when you look at it, looks like a bunch of guys speaking foreign and others on the plane freaking out.

Now, I'd argue that anyone shouting *anything* on a plane except for "Hey, this man's having a heart attack" should STFU or go to jail, because a plane is not a place for shouting things, whether it's religious or not. If there are people who are staging incidents like praying on a plane, good.

Yes, good I say. Because they are trying to take their religion back from those who would make us fear it. They are saying "Look - I'm Muslim. I'm praying, quietly, publicly perhaps, but you didn't die. Nobody's blowing themselves up here. You don't have to fear us."

Most of these incidents I read, though, aren't people trying to provoke a response - it's others on the plane who are just afraid, and projecting that fear onto others actions (really - check out the pajama party article, and then think what if these people were Christian tourists and if they did the same thing and if that would seem suspicious.)

I get your point, and while I take a lot of these stories with a grain of salt, I think you may be reading too much into too little. Newt's being an asshole - but then again, that's no surprise from Mr. "Adultery is bad until I get caught at it" Gingrich.
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